Macchine e Impianti per le Industrie Chimiche, Farmaceutiche e Alimentari
Machines and Plants for Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

Product Development

Fluid Jet Micronizers developed and manufactured in our workshop are supplied in chemical or in pharmaceutical execution according to cGMP, the partnership with our clients make us able to offer a wide range of fluid jet mill micronizers for the most diversified processes.

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J-20 Model

J-40 Model   J-50 Model   J-70 Model

J-50-LE Model    J-50-GB Model

J-150 Model       J-200 Model

J-300 Model       J-400 Model

J-500 Model       J-600 Model

J-750 Model       J-900 Model

Brochure - pdf

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify specifications without prior notice.