Entry level "Easy Micronization"
J-20 Modular laboratory system
Additive manufacturing
Sterile micronization process
Micronization Technology
The original principles of jet milling are simple, the powder particles are fed into the flat cylindrical milling chamber tangentially through a venturi system by pressurized process gas. The particles are accelerated in a spiral movement inside the milling chamber by a number of nozzles placed around the periphery of the chamber.

The micronizing effect takes place in front of the spray nozzles by the collision between the slower and the accelerated particles while the 3 dimensional classification is based on the particles energy content.

The particle size distribution is controlled by adjusting a wide set of parameters such an extent that every machine comes already set up, leaving a very reduced set of parameters to the user, three of the main ones are Venturi-Ring pressures and feed rate.

 Pharmaceutical production
 EV power batteries
 Metal powders for additive manufacturing
 Cosmetic silky touch and bright powders
 Pesticides and pigments production
 Solid fuels for space rockets (not weapons...)
 Whichever high value powder...

 J-10 designed for nce
 J-20 J-25 J-30 designed for r&d
 J-40 J-50 J-70 designed for pilot or small production
 J-100 J-125 J-150 designed for small production
 J-200 J-300 J-400 designed for medium wide production
 J-500 J-600 J-750 J-900 designed for huge production

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MOSCAB's manufacturing and the endorsment to the project B.I.G. Bubble International Geyser.
Micronization with conditioned process gas, design for introducing metered moisture into the process gas stream.
Spare parts printed locally with 3D printing technology at customer premises.

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Design for the coral reefs restoration,  based on net frames & opportunity corals.

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Experimental technology for Posidonia Oceanica planting.

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