Entry level "Easy Micronization"
J-20 Modular laboratory system
Additive manufacturing
Sterile micronization process
Open Source Technologies
This is the list of the technologies & know-how that we have developed in a lifetime, you can demand for detailed specifications such as instructions, protocols, drawings, projects, software and also training.

 Blending and mixing technologies
 Comminution technology
 Drying and blending technologies
 Fluid jet micronizers & micronization technology
 Isolators & glove boxes
 Pressurized processing vessels
 Sterile processing
 Vaporizers for wood treatment

 Double-entry automatic accounting with erp system
 Workshop job manager
 Quality & job-safety system manager
 Turtle id database manager

All this stuff is available under open source license and can be requested by filling in our "contact us" form.

Please choose one resource and share with us your project/idea, we hope that our knowledge could be used by you in order to make this world a better place for everybody.

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MOSCAB's manufacturing and the endorsment to the project B.I.G. Bubble International Geyser.
Micronization with conditioned process gas, design for introducing metered moisture into the process gas stream.
Spare parts printed locally with 3D printing technology at customer premises.

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Design for the coral reefs restoration,  based on net frames & opportunity corals.

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Experimental technology for Posidonia Oceanica planting.

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